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"The journey to recovery for India must be carefully judged and astutely planned & Govt will need to create an enabling environment for businesses to grow and for investors to feel safe"- Our founder Atul Ahluwalia in this @e4mtweets article #COVID19

Re-skilling will be order of the day in #PR industry. As world will become more digital, more virtual, soft skills may not be as relevant than hard skills. It is time to hone the hard skills and develop new skills to stay relevant - @dilipyadav1000 #SCoReTalk

It is not technology which will change, it is its acceptance and usage among communication professionals - both at client & agency side - which will change favorably - @dilipyadav1000 #SCoReTalk

"The best way to keep employees engaged and motivated during these times is to empower them and to encourage lateral thinking for innovation both for clients and for themselves" opines @dilipyadav1000 #SCoReTalk

As per @dilipyadav1000 We are facing the situation of 'Emergency communication situation' rather than normal 'Crisis communication situation' as this crisis is completely external #SCoReTalk

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