Out with the old and in with the new – is that what this whole business of ‘innovation’ is all about? Or is it about getting ‘outside of the box’?

The Innovation First Communication Conclave made me think – what does Innovation mean, to think outside of the box? It was communication first and then the innovations that snowballed around it. Setting the tone of the event gone by, was Atul Ahluwalia, Founding Partner, First Partners who also were co-partners, as he said, “At First Partners innovation-in-communication is very close to our heart. We firmly believe that today innovation in its various facets is best placed to drive outcomes in a complex business environment”. Adding the motive behind the event, he explained, “We therefore, co-created Innovation First Communication Conclave as a forum which brings the best minds together to deliberate on the subject and evolve actionable steps for fostering a culture of innovation in our business.”

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