First Partners leadership team has been at the forefront of the some of the country’s most innovative public relations campaigns which have been recognized at the best Indian and global award platforms across a decade and a half.

We have applied this experience and insights to methodically build a culture of innovation at the firm, so we don’t just build innovative communication programmes, but at a more strategic level amalgamated with our business outcome approach, leverage communication to help clients drive business innovation within their organizations.

Our ‘Innovation-@-Communication’ approach has two distinct applications:

  • First through this we can help clients architect communication programmes and campaigns pivoted around creativity and innovation. Innovative campaigns not only allow brands to stand out but more importantly help drive better business metrics with lesser demand on resources.
  • Second, we work with clients to uncover the process of creating business innovation specific to their organizations, establish the inseparable relationship between communication and business innovation and develop programmes which kick-start or accelerate the innovation momentum for the organization.

Going beyond our practice, we are also committed to contribute to the development of the subject of innovation through industry initiatives. In line with this, we have co-created India’s first annual summit on innovation in communication called the ‘Innovation First Conclave (IFC) in partnership with Reputation Today, which witnesses participation from India’s top business and communication leaders. This forum is aimed at marshalling the best minds of the industry together to delve into and develop the subject of innovation for everyone’s benefit. As part of the conclave, we also conduct India’s first formal primary research on innovation called ‘India Innovation Outlook’ which chronicles the latest trends in innovation.

Our Innovation-In-Communication offering can help businesses

  • Achieve business innovation with measurable metrics through communication interventions
  • Build a strategy to create a culture of innovation within their organizations with long term benefits
  • Select business problems and develop innovative communication which help solve them
  • Create award winning creative communication campaigns which the world loves
  • Use creativity to build public relations and integrated communication programmes which reach more audience, make bigger impact, without commensurate increase in spends and resources
  • Take innovation beyond creative content and smart messaging to impact the processes and value chains.