We see content as multi-media and completely platform agnostic. With digital platforms flourishing and growing, and consumption varying over demographics and geographies, rich content and media today is nothing like what they were traditionally. Today content needs to straddle platforms and formats. It is therefore fitting that for us at First Partners, content assets and content strategies need exhaustive planning. We swear by content and regard it to be the very life blood of a communications program. The BOCtm model allows us to forge content that reaches to the demand side of the value equation and achieves or helps in achieving only those communication objectives which are business results focused and to strike out everything else.

The First Partners content solution is rooted in the real world and has innovation and relevance as its defining contours. We do not design content for the sake of it alone. Outcomes such as brand interest and call to action responses, corporate reputation interest augmentation, feedback with response dynamics, these and more lie at the heart of our content strategy. Effective content has to deliver outcomes. There is simply no going around it.

Since great content is the life-force of our recommendations to our clients, we lay significant emphasis on the people who develop and work on it. When content is created, the team is careful and particular in marrying form to substance. For instance, we take great care in applying appropriate format-based protocols and engagement priorities based on the type and scale of the strategy we are attempting to implement.

The First Partner’s content strength lies in its team members who bring decades of multi-industry insight and experience in content delivery and design and includes the so-called modern-age tech geeks and information ninjas who are experts at rich media and digital platforms. We have the expertise to move across content styles and consumption patterns with ease. Be it a website or a story-book, a speech or a white paper, our teams are adept to create communication content usefully and forcefully. In fact, our many industry wins for our outstanding campaigns and work are proof of our content prowess.

Some content services which we offer are

  • Corporate positioning papers
  • Brand content playbook
  • Brand journalism
  • Publishing for the web
  • Opinion article writing
  • Press kit writing
  • White board videos
  • Corporate videos & films