The First Partners Executive Coaching program is customized towards organizations and the media engagement it has with various types, forms, and hierarchies of media, both Indian and global. The media today is a diversified, changing always, organic entity that still becomes the final whetstone for a great communications program.

Today, media and influencer engagements, be it in the real world of newspapers and electronic mediums or in the digital and social media universe, possess a powerful potential for communication transmission. Leaders and spokespersons carry tremendous responsibility in communicating clear, well-articulated precise information that is not only media digestible but conforms and synergizes with organizational business goals.

At First Partners, we structure the Executive Coaching around the executive. There is a clear focus on leveraging communication skill sets and mapping those to media messages. We lay emphasis on the enabling environment and how it responds and reacts to business communication and fine tune the process to minimise redundancies in communication delivery. We believe the internal origins of communications are as much critical to Executive Coaching as is the external, unpredictable one.


The coaching teams have extensive experience in individual and group sessions and in crafting highly focused, result-oriented differentiated communication strategies and tactics for business leaders and managers. These sessions are interactive, feedback-enriched, and are based on real-life use cases taken from the clients’ domain and experience set. Be it a media conference, a studio interview, responses to unplanned media question, or just plain communication of brand messages, our trainers take care of the broadest requirements and cover the minutiae as well.