The First Partners media relations practice is, we are confident, is among the best and the finest in the land. Not only do our Founders have an enduring and enriched media exposure with the best and most discerning clients, they have a rigorous grounding in media platforms and sensitivities which best conform to a modern and rapid-paced media environment. We believe that the traditional and conformist approach to media relationships is outdated. Rather than take recourse to indiscriminate and interminable media access with carpet bombing of irrelevant client messages, the time calls for something more refined and calibrated.

Effective media relationships, just like any other relationship, works by keeping both parties well and meaningfully engaged. We do this by first assimilating client objectives and communication strategies fully and then, parallelly being tuned to what the media needs and gets excited by. This dual focus helps in our teams bringing messages of high relevance to media without getting trapped in the pitfall of the mundane and the irrelevant.


Our studied collaborative media stance has borne fruit over the years. The emphasis on continuous refinement in each aspect of interfacing with the external audiences and diligently working on the BOCtm model at all points has led our team members to advise clients on what works and what does not with the media. We have shifted from the monologue-based media engagement strategy to one that is fulfilling and adaptive. Editorial teams welcome us because we are their extended arms and legs. In fact, our media relationships also gain much from the fact that we have on-boarded senior former media editors to aid and advise us in the best way forward. This translates into a win-win, both for our clients and for our media partnerships.