Businesses need government to prosper and to even survive. Often, the complex government interfaces that ae usually present can prove to be a dampener for the best of businesses to work. This seemingly adversarial stance leads to unviable operations and can cause damage to corporate reputations both in the short as well as the long-term. An expert hand is sometimes very important to assist in the navigation of these difficult paths. The First Partners proposition in Advocacy and Public Affairs is intended to simplify and facilitate public-private alignment and enable useful dialogue to take place between the two parties.

The senior counsellors at First Partners can help structure a public policy programme, assist in navigating through the maze of the regulatory environment, and help establish an effective dialogue with lawmakers. This results in reducing legislative and regulatory pressures on business operations and a fuller understanding of extant risks and compliances which sometimes come in the way of efficient outputs.


We have extensive experience in advocacy across sectors and genres. The team has particular exposure to the healthcare and environment sectors with skills in infrastructure, aviation, and social verticals. Our senior advocacy experts have worked in decision making levels in the government and have decades of high-quality experience in mega-projects and complex audience management techniques when it comes to government an publics.

Our Services include

  • Public opinion research
  • Public support programmes
  • Public policy advocacy
  • Government dialogue
  • Opinion leaders’ enrolment
  • Regulatory issues advisory