Increasingly complex and competitive operating environment is what defines the aerospace and defense industries today. The issues they cope with can range from economic uncertainty, shifting regulations to increasingly complex demands of managing a global supply chain. To protect their interests and empower their core businesses, companies must actively engage with an even more diverse group of key stakeholders, from market regulators to customers to policymakers.


Therefore, Aerospace & Defense sector organizations require communications and marketing mavens who understand the nuances of the industry and the dynamics which governs it.

We are proud to say that we have an specialist PR and public affairs team with an intimate knowledge of the workings and inherent pressures of the sector.

With an extensive network of local and national media we offer a full range of public relations services, including the creation and execution of bespoke multi-media programmes on a large scale.

Our Services include

  • Public affairs
  • Media relations
  • KOL & Influencer relations
  • Content development
  • Digital Strategy & execution
  • Issue management
  • Interface for Events and exhibition
  • Focused campaign development for awareness and targeted pursuits