This is an age of new experiences, new sensibilities and of exploration & adventure. It is also the age of transparency, with almost everyone with opinion has access to means of delivery (Internet, smartphones & social media) and there is a ready audience for every opinion. As a result, the information availability to a travel & lifestyle consumer has exploded. Some are reliable, a lot is far from it.

If a reliable and credible piece of information is coming from a brand, it simply works. Therefore, we believe in a PR approach where an open, direct and transparent brand voice will cut through the clutter and will provide a refreshingly informative perspective to the lifestyle & travel communications. We like to believe that substance is what defines style.


We believe in taking a nuanced position for our clients that provides the key differentiator for the brand. This positioning, as distinguished by unique features, benefits and experiences, showcases something unique, out-of-ordinary and ultimately newsworthy.

This approach to communications demands a multi-pronged approach in order to drive both brand awareness and consumer desire. Our storytellers craft stories to drive visibility and long-term recall by consumers and the media. And, we amplify this through stress tested tactics and relevant platforms and outlets which drive business outcomes – interaction, likeability and sales.

At First Partners, we leverage our vertical industry experience and PR expertise to develop strategies and ideas that differentiate brands from their competition.

Our services span following categories

  • Media relations
  • Media training
  • Content creation & marketing
  • Digital & social marketing
  • Digital PR
  • Influencer, event & entertainment marketing
  • Strategic alliances with lifestyle influencers
  • Events
  • Endorser credentialing