Deeply interwoven with the success of an enterprise are stories of personal success. Great achievements by organizations are the culmination of a chain reaction triggered by the personal initiative of business leaders. To traverse individual action to an organizational momentum communication is critical.

First Partners success-through-communication learning programme has at its heart time-tested structures and techniques which can help leaders rally stakeholders, internal and external, to a common idea, cause or action. When people believe in you, support comes naturally. With support one can scale steep heights and navigate through difficult times. Communication is the life-blood to build this sphere of support for the leadership and the enterprises they represent.

Success-through-communication coaching is meant for CEO’s and CXO’s seeking enhanced effectiveness in their roles, entrepreneurs wanting to accelerate success with their dream projects, business family scions being groomed for leadership roles, start-up founders looking for making big, to name a few.


Success through Communication Programme can benefit:

  • CEO’s
  • CXO’s
  • Functional leaders seeking next roles
  • Entrepreneurs and business family owners
  • Business family scions seeking leadership role
  • Start-up founders

First Partners founders have conducted training programmes for more than 100 business leaders representing large multinational and Indian corporations in a career spanning close to two and a half decades which gives us the unique insights to develop this time tested programme for business leaders.

Success through Communication Coaching can help business leaders

  • Sharpen their business goals and identify ones which they can directly influence and where they need to rally supporters
  • Decode the interdependence between organizational success and their personal initiatives
  • Understand the fundamental role communication plays in personal achievements
  • Develop a personal plan for creating business success with planned communication interventions
  • Prepare business leaders for external communication and public speaking using proven methodologies
  • Help leaders inspire their followers and win appreciation from wider public